M7 Probes Mbabazi Over NRM Registration Sabotage

President Museveni is reported to have ordered an investigation into reports that his arch rival Amama Mbabazi is sabotaging the ongoing NRM party registration.

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This came to light last night after information suggested that the contractor who was given the deal to print a given quality of party cards has allegedly not performed well.

In fact, there are reports from our highly placed sources in NRM secretariat that the contractor is going to be fired.

Highly placed sources confirmed to us that the contractor who is a classy former male legislator from Busoga was given the contract to print cards numbering to about 12m.

The contractor was however, not subjected to competitive process but was allegedly hand fronted by some top honchos in the party.

However, the contractor according to insiders has not even printed 3m cards yet the registration has got a given time frame before NRM primaries and party structures are elected.

Sources stated that Museveni is furious after getting intelligence information suggesting that while the party bosses send yellow books to villages with a given number of people to register, the cards that are sent are completely far less in number. Museveni is therefore investigating this alleged anomaly.

“You cannot send books that have more than 400 people but you send only 100 cards! There is a big problem and we suspect there is sabotage. Our target was to give out about 12m cards but I can assure you, we have not got even 3m! We are supposed to move to other places but we cannot because of these delays. Cards are going to determine who will vote and who will not,” the senior sources confirmed to us on condition of anonymity.

We have learnt that the secretariat bosses are now considering recommending that a new contractor to print NRM cards is urgently procured.

“We cannot continue like this. We cannot keep explaining to the president things that are so glaring. The contractor has failed to meet our desired targets. We asked him to print a given quality of cards but he is here and there. We must move on and finish this task. Our next plan is to get a new contractor to print cards because we are not sure if someone is not sabotaging our work. The president wants this done and finished,” sources added.

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