Marrying Guy Twice My Age Was A Mistake – Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter

Months after her failed marriage with Hajj Fahad Lugobe, Mastula- daughter to city tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero has spoken out.


In an interview conducted by an online news site Chimpreports, Mastula explained the  reasons for her failed marriage included the fact that she was forced to marry a guy much older than her.

“At my age (21 then), I started realizing that I was settling for less than I deserved by marrying a guy twice my age”, she said.

Apparently, all the marriage preparations were done in her consent with an aim of proving her worth to her haters and friends.

“I had very many haters and I wanted to prove a point,” Mastula said in the interview.

The self-made party animal Mastula Kafeero broke up with her lover earlier this year, hardly 3 months after she got officially married to him.

Shockingly as others are toiling to get money for upkeep, the tycoon’s daughter says she has no use whatsoever for money.

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  1. In life you realize that everything is useless including money in case things fail to configure.
    Let her first have her time

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