Mystery Babe Serves Navio With Free Bums

When celebrities turn up in various city night spots, they get ambushed by horny, skimpy and sometimes tipsy female fans and this was no exception for rapper Daniel Kigozi famously known as Navio.

Girl serves her bums to Navio. Photo: Elisha Muloki
Girl serves her bums to Navio. Photo: Elisha Muloki

While at Club Amnesia on Thursday night, rapper Navio got himself a free dose of naked bums from a seemingly drunk fan who got blown away by his music.

Midway his performance at the hangout, Navio was ambushed by a thin but sexy babe whose butt was all out for his viewing pleasure.

On spotting the small butt, Navio tried to avoid the girl but was snapped by our snoop trying to peep on her in a very skillful mode.

Besides, Navio had turned up at the club in company of a mysterious tall, brown, soupy babe who gave him company from the moment he entered to the end.

Apparently, this babe is a known party animal who has been linked to various celebrities both on friendly and romantic grounds

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