NTV’s Blood Dripping Axe Chops Fabiola

When posing for nude photos, Anita Fabiola never thought that it could cost her the job she toiled to get at the Serena based NTV.

fabiola nude

On Tuesday afternoon, Fabiola announced that she was officially leaving NTV in what was speculated to be a sugarcoated expulsion.

“I have decided to take a media break as I deal with the humiliation. Am resigning from my job”, Fabiola posted thorough the Be My Date official page.

However, upon issuing the statement, rumors erupted that she could have been fired from the Serena based station but fears to admit.

In her statement, she claimed to be taking a break out of respect of NTV as a station which many people opposed with passion.

On her nudes, she said all was not intended for the public but only her bonkmate who seemed to have betrayed her.

Before her nudes came out, she reportedly paid lots of money to the few media houses that had obtained them but all in vain.

Upon landing on her official statement, fans stormed her page with mixed feelings, as others felt compassionate for her while others bashed her.

“U have even delayed, sincerely your show used to bore me” one Alfred Okia commented.

Fabiola’s Full Statement

Dear Fans, I wanna thank you for the support you gave me from day one.

I have learnt a lot and enjoyed our journey together. The last week hasnt been easy, no woman would like to show their body to complete strangers.

Much as I am a victim, I feel like I let you all down as I result I have decided to take a media break as I deal with the humiliation.

Am resigning from my job, I have so much respect for NTV and I can never thank them enough for the opportunity.

Please keep, watching and supporting the show. Again am sorry, this was never intended for the public. You might see me in Studio 256 but those episodes were already recorded, am strong but am also human.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s how you get up. I hope to get up stronger. Remain Blessed, Anita Fabiola

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