Pallaso, Jeff Kiwa Finally Part Ways

Since the death of AK47, there have been rumors and tension in the Team No Sleep camp with various people speculating that singer Pallaso will quit soon and it has finally come true.


On Tuesday afternoon, Pius Mayanja famously known by his stage name Pallaso announced that he has finally left the music camp.

“Today marks exactly the first day that I’m officially out of Team No Sleep !! It is a very painful decision but I have finally decided to move on”, he posted.

According to the tone of his post, he has been under pressure in the camp or he had decided to stay for some reasons like Sheebah.

After quitting, he told his fans of his new music camp called Good Music, which is a name borrowed from Rapper Kanye West’s group.

Upon leaving, he informed to the public that it was all due to painful reasons which we will not speculate about until he opens up.

“The reasons are so painful but I will give them later when I feel more comfortable but now on My New camp is called “Team Good Music”, he said.

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