Santa Anzo Showcases In Johannesburg

For some time legendary fashionista Santa Anzo has been off the scene.

santa anzo

But latest info reaching us has it that she scooped a deal to showcase her garments at the international fashion night in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sources reveal that the Arapapa fashion house designer was invited by South African Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) which is hosting Africa Month as part of the immediate initiatives of fostering the African Renaissance vision articulated in the Charter for African Cultural Renaissance.

We have learnt that (DAC) commissioned African Fashion International (AFI) to host the closing event with a Fashion Extravaganza of top designers from the African Continent this Wednesday in Johannesburg and Santa is among those invited to showcase.

We have learnt that the South African Minister of Arts and Culture has priorities to increased economic opportunities for artists.

We have learnt that various events will be staged throughout in major towns of South Africa featuring various arts and cultural disciplines including music concert, literature, film, fashion, cuisines and panel discussions.

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