Weak NRM MPs Grumble Over New Lumumba Register

It seems the disease of ‘vote rigging’ among NRM fans is not about to end.

NRM SG Lumumba Ksule
NRM SG Lumumba Ksule

Just last year, members ganged up against fired SG Amama Mbabazi whom they accused of stealing their victories in NRM primaries.

The members thus fired him and appointed Justine Kasule Lumumba as new SG after Museveni’s recommendation.

However, in a dramatic turn of events, the same members have started back-stabbing Lumumba team accusing them of plotting to rig NRM primaries.

“This rigging is going to be very high. It will be even worse than what we saw in Mbabazi reign. Can you imagine the secretariat has sent yellow books which do not tally with the number of party cards? In every book, there are 500 people but the books come along with only 100 party cards! What is this game for? Registration is a non issue because it is the card that will entitle members to vote! Those who will be on the register and don’t possess card won’t be allowed. This is vote rigging in pipeline” snoops overheard NRM MPs ranting in the corridors.

However, Rose Namayanja told us that this claim is baseless because the secretariat keeps track of all cards and books. Where necessary, more are sent.

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