Why M7 Appointed More Ex-Officio Ministers

Many people have been wondering why president Museveni appointed more ex-officio ministers to cabinet. We now have the answer.

World’s Oldest Serving Politician Mateke Phelemon
World’s Oldest Serving Politician Phelemon Mateke

We have confirmed that in sectors where the president thinks they are so demanding, he ensured that in making the cabinet, he appoints someone who is an ex-officio.

The key sectors were that of water and environment, Internal Affairs, Education, Agriculture, Defense among others.

The idea wasn’t for any reason! Data is that these appointments were meant to keep the sectors running even during election time.

We are told that at some point after nominations for MP, all ministers will be required to hand over office to technocrats since they will be participating in elections.

To avoid litigation, Museveni crafted a deal where he would appoint ex-officio ministers in those key sectors.

The ex-officio ministers will be the ones running those sectors and deciding what to do since their colleagues will be in the field.

In Education, this is how Prof. Tokodri Tagboa came in the position of state minister for science and technology while Aronda Nyakairima was retained in Internal Affairs, Tress Bucyanayandi in Agriculture and Jeje Odongo defense.

“The president doesn’t want a situation where government departments cannot run because the ministers are all in elections. This is the reason the number of ex-officio ministers was increased. They were posted to sectors which Museveni had big interest in” a snoop stated.

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