Broke ‘Rich Gang’ Boys Choke On Sodas And Cheap Beer

Who doesn’t remember the recent festive season when the South African based Sangomas flocked Kampala with huge sums of money and unbelievable swag?


Well you don’t have to worry anymore because they already seem to be losing it slowly but seriously according to our reliable sources

Spotted at Laftaz Lounge on Wednesday last week, the then Rich Gang was seen choking on Sodas and cheap beer as totally opposed to their previous spending lifestyle.

Mountain Dew, Pepsi and Nile beer were the only drinks spotted on their tables, yet these guys used to sip on spirits, Champagne and all those expensive drinks.

Apparently, from the day they jetted into the country, they’ve not disturbed any hangout like they used to do in the past.

Ivan Semwanga was also spotted at Serena Hotel choking on water through the night.

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