Kavera Ban Reinstated

In a dramatic move yesterday, Cabinet suspended and reinstated the implementation of the ban on plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic food wrappers and all other forms of plastic commonly referred to as ‘’Kaveera’’. 

kavera ban

This was revealed in two contradicting press statements issued by Information and National Guidance Minister Jim K. Muhwezi yesterday.

“Cabinet, therefore, suspended the ban on plastic carrier bags until the consultation process with the stakeholders as directed by the President is concluded,” the first press statement says

“Cabinet, therefore, directed the Minister of water and Environment to instruct NEMA to continue implementation of the ban of plastic bags of 30 microns and below until cabinet provides guidance on how to handle other types of plastic materials,” the second press statement contradicting the first one which had suspended Kavera ban Implementation says

Muhwezi said that cabinet constituted an inter-ministerial committee to conclude the consultation process.

“The Committee consists of Minister of:- Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Water and Environment, Finance, Planning and Economic Development and Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, National Environment Management Authority, Uganda Manufacturers’ Association and Kampala City Traders Association.”

“It is to conclude the consultation process on the implementation of the ban on plastic carrier bags. It will also consult the President for his input,” the statement reads.

Cabinet also noted the need to strengthen Uganda Revenue Authority and Uganda National Bureau of Standards to stop the smuggling of plastics into the country.

Manufacturers ordered to sensitize public 

“It also instructed all existing plastic manufacturers to establish plastic collection centres across the country and to intensify the sensitization of the general public on plastic waste management; instructed all plastic manufacturing industries to code their plastic products for traceability of plastic waste generated by each industry,” the statement adds

The committee will report to cabinet in six months.

The National Environment Management Authority (Nema), which is the national environment watchdog started effective implementation of a ban on the production and use of polythene kaveera mid April this year.

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