CAUGHT IN THE ACT!! Flosha Mukashaka Snapped Scratching Her Itchy Buttocks

Glamour girl and former Miss Uganda contestant Flosha Mukashaka is one gorgeous babe but as any other woman, she has flaws too.

Flosha contaminating her behind
Flosha contaminating her behind

As the say goes; he who sleeps with an itchy anus wakes up with smelly fingers, Flosha was spotted at Serena hotel scratching her behind, as if it had been attacked by fleas.

In her black micro shiny dress, Flosha hopped from one corner to the other as she caused massive whopper riots since she was wiggling her waist like a snake.

It’s always a taboo to scratch private parts in public, but Flosha had no option but to give self ‘first aid’ since the pain seemed unbearable.

Despite the dirty public action, she remains one of the hottest babes in Uganda, considering the fact that she has a juicy body and killer smile.

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