Fabiola Bonked Tubeless?

Shortly after falling in love with city businessman Meddie Ssentongo, it has now emerged that Anita Fabiola could be baking a live seed in her oven.

Sexy Anita Kyarimpa
Sexy Anita Kyarimpa

According to highly placed sources, the ex TV star has developed signs similar to those women who are pregnant.

Close pals say, Fabiola is currently moody and at times she has been spotted vomiting, all positive signs of pregnancy.

Though the couple has not yet come out to address the issue, their fans are  eagerly waiting to shower them with congratulatory messages and gifts.

Apparently, Fabiola and Meddie are currently inseparable and hop from bar to bar as they chop money till dawn.

We shall be shocked to hear that Fabiola is actually pregnant since she had proved to be a good goal keeper for the past years.

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