Fille’s Postnatal Weight Shocks Nation

Singer Fille Mutoni is currently gaining weight faster than Usain Bolt’s sprinting momentum and this is worrying her die-hard fans.

The rate at which Fille is gaining weight is worrying
The rate at which Fille is gaining weight is worrying

Spotted at two recent events, Fille’s body is swelling as if she has been stung by wasps and snoops are suspecting it to be a result of excessive nutrients she is getting from her bonkmate, MC Kats.

“Man Fille must have gotten super proteins from Kats, she looks fatter than before,” a snoop was overheard commenting after seeing her at Liquid Silk on Tuesday night.

It should be noted that before Fille and Kats made their relationship official, this sexy singer was of the same size as Irene Ntale, but soon after Kats planted a live seed in her, she immediately grew fat.

Some snoops are predicting that it will be her size that may scare away Kats since he is known for being a non chubby chaser.

Both at Liquid Silk and Serena Hotel on Tuesday night, Fille’s body was the main talk among various groups of people.

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