HEROES DAY: Building Blocks For A Better Uganda

Heroes day is to be celebrated at Katwe Primary School grounds, Karokora Parish, Dwanilo Sub County, Kiboga District.

ugandan struggle

Today a monument in memory of those who died in the Luwero struggle will be unveiled at Dwaniro Sub county headquarters at 10.am.

This will be presided over by his Excellency the President and a few other dignitaries. Thereafter, the President will proceed to Katwe Primary School grounds to address the public gathering at 11.00 am

Dwanilo was selected to host this year’s Heroes Day simply because it was the epicenter of the 1981-1986 liberation struggle that ushered in the NRM government.

Over the years, the history of Uganda has been determined or shaped by different individuals and/or groups endowed with extraordinary conviction in what is good for their country and her people. They have always tried to defend what is right and to stop what’s wrong.

Their works greatly impact on the Republic of Uganda, on her rather difficult journey to nationhood. These are our National Heroes whose great lives and heroic deeds, we will celebrate on June 9th as we do every year.

Their works have truly and strongly served as ‘building blocks’ to our nation’s history.

From time immemorial every part of what was to become Uganda had her local Heroes. These were dearly celebrated in unwritten literature – songs, lyrics, dances, etc. Therefore, we are not doing something new.

Uganda’s tumultuous journey both before and after independence is well known.

The hiccups would have developed into incurable cancers had a new generation of Heroes not arisen. This new generation analyzed the situation and drew the conclusion that true and sustainable independence could only rest on genuine security of citizens and their properties, democracy, political, social, and material justice for all, among other factors.

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