I Told M7 To Leave Power When He Is Still Loved — Fr. Gaetano

Vocal and candid catholic priest Rev. Fr Gaetano Batanyeda has disclosed that he met president Museveni in 2008 at State house Lodge, Nakasero and advised him to leave power when people still love him.


“Leave power when Ugandans still love you. Ugandans want to have you as their political grandfather like Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Don’t listen to those self-centered ministers, advisors and others who lack valor and heroism to stand and defend what is right. They prefer to keep quiet and watch things fall apart. The more you stay in power, the more problems you create for Uganda, your party and yourself,” Gaetano posted on his Facebook timeline.

Rev. Fr. Gaetano also told Museveni what he thought about the situation in the country, and what is likely to happen if he clings onto power.

“Your Excellency, you remember what you promised Ugandans in 2000-2001. You categorically stated that come 2006 you, would not seek another term. But unfortunately, in 2006, you reneged on your promise,” he reminisces what he told President Museveni.

Gaetano said any regime that tries to perpetuate itself in power; it has, with time, to lose its popularity. And as a result, it has to deploy undemocratic and unethical measures as some have already surfaced, to keep and sustain itself in power.

“These measures include corruption, patronage, nepotism, sectarianism, cronyism, intrigue, cliques (divide and rule), militarism, balkanization of the country into small and tribal districts for political gain, intimidation, arrogance, impunity, lies, etc”

He further said that; “Dictators are not born; they are made. I pray that you don’t reach a level of being autocratic and monocratic because once you qualify to it, you will create many enemies, both real and imaginary.”

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