Ian Clarke Sells Off IHK

The Chairman of the International Medical Group (IMG), Dr. Ian Clarke has sold off International Hospital Kampala (IHK), Red pepper has confirmed.

Dr. Ian Clarke
Dr. Ian Clarke

IMG, the largest private healthcare group in Uganda comprises of; IHK, IMG Pharmaceuticals, International Diagnostic Centre (IDC), International Medical Foundation (IMF), International Health Sciences University (IHSU), IAA HealthCare and International Medical Centre (IMC).

This Mighty paper about four years ago published a similar story alluding that Dr. Clarke, who is also the current Mayor of Makindye Division had failed to manage the IHK facility and was contemplating selling it to an Indian businessman.

After two weeks of hard-bitten investigations, we can now confirm that Dr. Clarke, 62, has thrown in the towel by selling a majority shares to an Indian company, Ciel HealthCare Africa based in Mauritius. This is said to have happened a few months ago.

Highly placed sources say that the Namuwongo based hospital has of recent been ensnared in a financial management crisis that was inevitably leading to its downfall.

The hospital that sits on a 4-acre land has since 2000 been the market leader in the private healthcare sector in Uganda; boasting of highly trained staff, state-of-the-art equipment and the highest level of specialist services.

Earlier on, Dr. Ian enjoyed the highest percentage shares (60%), as this Mauritius investor and another Dutch investor earned 35% and 5% of the total shares respectively.

Ciel HealthCare’s managing director; Alex Alexander was at one moment contracted at IHK as a project manager.


In an exclusive interview with Dr. Ian at his office on Monday, the flamboyant physician and politician confirmed that he recently decided to sell off majority shares to partnering company, Ciel HealthCare to pave way for the further development of the facility.

“Having run the company for over 20years, I felt it is a good time to give a chance for others also to take over. It is until recent that I decided to sell off a majority shares to this hospital and will now concentrate on the university,” Dr. Ian said.

International Hospital Kampala (IHK)
International Hospital Kampala (IHK)

He said, “I have only stepped down as the CEO of the hospital, but I am still the chairman of the health group and will still ensure that the hospital continues to develop and build capacity in the health sector.”

Clarke however did not reveal the terms and conditions of the sale agreement nor did he reveal the percentage he is holding now.

When asked if these changes will adversely affect the running of the facility, Dr. Ian said that, the new team is as experienced as he is. He assured the public of continued provision of first class health facilities.

“There are about 700 competent staff in the organization with whom I have been running the hospital with, so I have no doubt that the facility will thrive. So I don’t want people to say that Ian has sold IHK to the dogs,” He said, before adding that he now wants to put more time to serve Ugandans politically by vying for the Kampala Lord Mayor seat in 2016.

Brenda Naluyima, IMG Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications assured the public that the company will continue to predominantly employ Ugandans.

“They won’t be any serious administrative changes. We have worked with Alex (MD) before and if he was not the best person then Dr. Ian wouldn’t hand the hospital to him,” Naluyima said, adding that the hospital has now embarked on expanding the facility by putting up a state of the art pediatric rehabilitation centre among others.

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