Inside Ham’s Multi Billion House, Speaks Out on Equity bank Heist

City tycoon Hamis Kiggundu has said he is worth $200m (roughly Shs600bn), Red Pepper exclusively reports.

Hamis kigundu with president
Hamis kigundu with president

Speaking at police headquarters Naguru yesterday, Hamis said he can’t be involved in theft of petty cash as alleged in Equity bank heist report.

Few days ago we revealed that young tycoon was linked to the $1.45m heist at Equity bank which happened in March this.


The fraud was committed at the Oasis Mall Branch of Equity Bank, where USD: 1,450,000 approximately (Shs.4.328,017,902) was withdrawn from accounts belonging to; Sisco Majok Makom A/C No: 2001211113233) and Maboir Achang Ajag (2001211267094), both South Sudan nationals, with accounts in Equity Bank South Sudan.


‘Evidence tying the suspects is not yet established; the suspects claimed that the money belonged to a businessman called Hamis Kiggundu. Court ordered for their release,” the police reported noted.

However, in an exclusive interview, Ham said his net worth is now at $200million (roughly Shs600bn) and that $ 1.5million is just his pocket change.


“Those small boys know I have a lot of money! They failed to justify where they had gotten the money and put my name,” he said.

He said he runs most of his businesses on loans and that he is not that cheap to the level of exposing small money on the social network.

“I’m not yet 30 years old but have billions. Most people don’t like that,” he said.


“That’s small money ($1.4m) I keep in my car while doing business errands,” he said.

Meanwhile it has emerged that Ham is planning to throw a house warming bash soon as enters his Kawuku based multi-million mansion.

The house seats on five acres land, facing Lake Victoria. The house is valued at $4million and everything from rugs to swimming pool is personalized ‘Ham’


Designed by American architect, mansion houses a private members’ club, overlooking Luzira prisons. The house dwarfs fancy house of his neighbiours who include Ssembule’s Francis Sembuya and late MUK professor Moses Sserwadda.

The mansion, according to architects is the largest private residential property in Uganda.

In addition to 25 bedrooms, it includes a 27ft x 61ft master suite with bathtubs, the home will feature an 82ft customized swimming pool, boat facilities, screening room, wine cellar, full spa ,gaming room ,automatic gate and garage for several cars in the arranged motorcade.

It is said Ham bought the land from City fashionista Sylvia Owori who failed to develop the swampy plot.

He employed youths from Kawuku which has instantly made him a village darling.

He recently promised to propose to KCCA so that they upgrade the murram road from Bunga to Kawuku into tarmac

Hamis is one of the young city tycoons. He is the proprietor of Ham Tours opposite Makerere University main gate and Ham grounds shopping Centre enclosing Nakivubo Stadium.

He also owns various properties in Munyonyo and Buziga.

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