M7 Puts Gov’t Bosses On 24hr Surveillance Over Mbabazi

President Museveni has instituted a secret intelligence team in all government departments in an effort to fish out all Mbabazi allies.

President Museveni with Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the Presidential farm in Ngoma.
President Museveni with Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at the Presidential farm in Ngoma.

We have exclusively established that the president is certain that Mbabazi is not working alone in his endeavor to achieve his regime change desire.

“The president has put an intelligence team in all departments and ministries because there are many people like Amama. Mbabazi is not alone. Their agenda is to see that NRM is weakened and they form another party within NRM which we shall not accept,” senior sources assured us last night.

On top of that, the president has put up a team of youths to study the Mbabazi letter very closely and advise him accordingly on how to counter the former premier.

We have been told that on this team, includes known youths like David Kabanda, Sewava Mukasa among others.

The group is supposed to form regional and district cells across the country where NRM information in response to Mbabazi outbursts is going to be channeled so that it reaches the grass root.

This team will mainly focus on key sectors of Health and Education which Mbabazi is determined to expose as wanting and therefore counts them among Museveni’s key failures.

Museveni is sure the sectors have performed and therefore Mbabazi is ‘being dishonest’ with facts.

“These sectors have performed but their PR machinery is extremely idle. For example education, how many schools have been built almost in every sub-county? They are many! The political heads have done their work but the PR machinery is totally dormant,” an insider close to Museveni told us.

According to sources, Museveni is convinced that the Mbabazi stinging letter is being influenced by some powerful individuals some within and others outside.

It is for this reason that he has set up this team of youths some of whom are soldiers to study it closely and make onspot visits to various regions so that achievements are recorded before a full package [information] to counter Mbabazi ‘claims’ on education and health can be dispatched to the regional and district cells.

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