M7 will Rig and Win 2016 Elections-Sejjusa

When he bounced back from United Kingdom, the self exiled renegade General David Sejjusa, was not arrested as many had speculated.

Gen. Sejjusa
Gen. Sejjusa

When he accepted to meet President Yoweri Museveni when he had just returned, still many thought, he had been compromised and therefore was acting drama.

After some time, Sejjusa continued criticizing the president and his regime.

This again brought confusion among political spectators in the country since majority failed to know Sejjusa’s real stand.

Meanwhile on Friday, not even the army but Police from Jinja road, teamed up and surrounded General Sejjusa’s vehicle, arrested him, and some of his supporters before others were dispersed.

Nine of his supporters, who were arrested alongside him, were transferred to Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) and for him, was detained at Jinja road Police.

At around 2pm, top army officers were allegedly summoned at State House Entebbe by President Museveni to discuss Sejjusa’s fate and by around 4:30pm, top Police authorities had been told to release him unconditionally.

Few minutes later, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Harunah Isabirye arrived at Jinja road Police and instructed Sejjusa’s release.

“We have decided to release him without any charge but he has written a statement and though he is released, he has to bear into his minds that next time if he is found moving with many people without our clearance, we shall charge him under the Public Order Management act and later drag him to Court,” Isabirye said.

Immediately after his release, Sejjusa told the that, it was very embarrassing for Police to arrest and detain a person of his caliber moreover without any genuine offense being committed.

“Sincerely to be arrested by such small police boys, I was totally disappointed, arresting a full General, anyway, I should not blame them, they were working on orders from above,” Sejjusa lamented.

He added that, he cannot believe in politicians who think President Museveni can be unseated through casting a mere ballot paper.

“The good thing he has ever told you, a piece of paper cannot move him from power and this automatically shows  you the man is not willing to hand over power by all means therefore, we have to resort to total resistance by staging a joint revolution that can bring his regime to an end,” Sejjusa said.

“Members of the public as it was the case in 1980’s can as well wait for the 2016 general elections to be conducted and in case anyone places his fingers in the ballot papers, then they automatically know what to do so that the man’s impunity is brought to an end,” Sejjusa added.

He further explained that, taking part in the election is one thing and organizing the structures at all levels so as to realize transparent, free and fair elections is another thing.

“You can’t tell me that a man who owns the army, Police, appoints judges, service commissions, and all other high profile personalities, can be won genuinely unless we use another language the way he did in the 1980’s,” Sejjusa said.

He said on his agenda, he plans either to make sure, his presidency is halted before the elections or immediately he bounces back after the election.

He also threw scribes into laughers when he revealed that, Jinja road Police is a place known to him given the fact that he has ever commanded in during the guerrilla war.

“I once commanded this Police, arrested at the same place, and escaped from this same place, so, I pity these officers who dared arresting and detaining me from this same place,” Sejjusa said.

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