Mbabazi ‘Buried’ Alive In Gulu

It was more than comedy in Gulu town yesterday when a group of Youth decided to ‘bury’ the defiant 2016 presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi alive.

Youth carrying Mbabazi's coffin
Youth carrying Mbabazi’s coffin

The youths declared Mbabazi as a ‘politically dead’ contestant.

In a dramatic way with Uganda Police giving tight security, the flamboyant youth carried a coffin covered with posters and T-shirts of Amama Mbabazi through the streets of Gulu to a burial ground, where they sarcastically  ‘laid him to rest’

Michael Okello, the brain behind ‘Mbabazi burial’ says that the burial was a sign that he belongs to the past and is disliked by people from Northern Uganda.

They accuse him of mismanaging the Peace Recovery and Development Plan, a fund channeled through the Office of the Prime minister, which Mbabazi occupied then.

Police escorting the youth to the burial ground
Police escorting the youth to the burial ground

Mbabazi while speaking to journalists at his home in Kololo yesterday, he assured his supporters that arrests and intimidation won’t deter him from his main aim of taking Uganda forward come 2016.

“Intimidation cannot win wars and I assure my supporters that the law is on their side. They should not chicken out. I don’t entertain such fear in me,” Mbabazi assured his supporters.


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