Meddie Makes Fabiola Drown In Booze On Her Birthday

The rate at which the chemistry between Meddie Ssentongo and Anita Fabiola is reacting, we might be set for another hot couple like that of Zari and Diamond.

Meddie and Fabiola at Club Guvnor over the weekend
Meddie and Fabiola at Club Guvnor over the weekend

On Saturday night, Club Guvnor was ambushed by the spendthrifts Fabiola and Meddie to celebrate the former’s birthday.

It is not clear how old Fabiola is currently, but all we know she held a birthday of around 21+ years, and it was a memorable party.

“Happy birthday to the most gorgeous and fabulous, Wish you much success and great health on your life journey and may we build it forever”, Meddie posted on Facebook.


Apparently, The ‘Mediolas’ drowned themselves in booze and this left other revelers astonished and in wishful moods.

According to reliable sources, Meddie is currently searching for a committee to spearhead the wedding meetings, which is bound to happen anytime soon.

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