Museveni Warns WhatsApp users

Yesterday evening, President Museveni issued a statement refuting claims that he wrote a letter to former Libyan President Col. Muammar Gaddafi in 2010 informing him about his political intent to sideline Bakiga politically.

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Museveni received the forged letter (which has been circulating on WhatsApp) from intelligence services last week.

“In that forged letter, I was supposed to be informing Gaddafi about my political intentions and plans in Uganda, denigrating some of my comrades in the struggle and showing a sectarian attitude towards one of our Ugandan communities, the Bakiga,” the president said

He added; “I would like to inform the listeners and those who follow the goings on the social media that that letter is a forgery. It is a forgery because I never wrote such a letter. In fact, the whole context could not have existed. At that time, my relationship with the late Gaddafi was very sour because I had opposed his plans of an All-Africa Government, preferring to work for the East African Federation as far as political integration was concerned and only for economic integration as far as the whole of Africa is concerned”

President Museveni further denied “talk of German doctors” about his health. He assured Ugandans that the talk is a “fiction.”

“Besides, the whole talk of German doctors and my health is a fiction. Fortunately, in the whole 70 years of my life, God has given me excellent health save for occasional malaria attacks, coughs or mild allergic reactions in the nose. Even today, there are hardly any physical exertions that I cannot undertake except squatting which I find a bit uncomfortable these days.”

He depicted the group spreading sectarian falsehood as enemies and promised to confront them verbally and if necessary physically.

“I now describe this group as Abatemu, Abanyaanda and Abazigu (criminals, opportunists and enemies). Although, I will not have time to answer much of the nonsense on the social media, when it comes to trying to divide the Ugandans and the Africans in general, I will confront those enemies both verbally and, if necessary, physically.

However, most Ugandans on social media are questioning whereabouts of the letter which president Museveni is referring to in his statement.

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