NRM Poor Youth Want Museveni Sacked

National Resistance Movement (NRM) Poor Youth Forum, a section of the party that supports former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi have petitioned the party’s Disciplinary Chairman demanding dismissal of President Museveni from the party.

President Museveni disembarks a canoe on his way back from Ngoma
President Museveni disembarks a canoe on his way back from Ngoma

The group is accusing president of abuse office, clique formation and intrigue, failure to give accountability, incompetence and weakening the party systems.

On abuse of office, the petition signed by Kato Isa, the chief petitioner assert that the Mr. Museveni was at “watch” as MPs were violating and breaching the NRM party constitution by passing a resolution of endorsing Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as NRM party sole candidate for Presidential elections 2016.

“The resolution is illegal, null and void because it contravened with article 39(1), 35(c) and 39(2) of the NRM constitution. The chairman is aware of all these constitutional articles but the party constitution was breached under his chairmanship. He failed to give a clear guidance to the honourable members of parliament,” the petition reads.

On incompetence, poor youth forum claim Museveni has failed to perform party activities diligently.

“He is likely to be a very busy man with state and Government duties. He is the Chairman NRM, President of the republic of Uganda, Commander in Chief of the armed forces and other responsibilities at a regional level. All these are demanding offices.”

The group further argued that Museveni has failed to account for the income and expenditure of the party.

“A case in point is ‘the movement house project’ at the launch of the project, a lot of money was collected from members at a fundraising ceremony but nothing has ever been put up.”


The group demanded that;

  1. a) Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni be dismissed as National Chairman of NRM party and be held responsible for the atrocities he has committed against NRM
  2. b) That the disciplinary committee of the NRM party summon Mr. Museveni to appear before the committee and investigations be carried against him and in sense of humanity be given an opportunity for a fair hearing.
  3. c) That the Chairman of the NRM party steps aside to allow investigations be carried out and to avoid influence peddling.

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