Obey summoned Over shs265bn Pension Scandal

The public accounts committee [Pac] issued summons against Christopher Obey, Jimmy Lwamafa among others accused of feasting on shs165bn pensioners’ money.


This lot of officers allegedly committed this office while serving in their capacities in ministry of public service where they were interdicted and arrested before court set them free over alleged lack of evidence.

The committee also wants them in relation to other scandals worth shs15bn and shs88bn totaling to over 200bn.

The committee surprisingly heard from the permanent secretary ministry of public service that these men and women have since written to the ministry asking for reinstatement on their former jobs after court dismissed the case.

The committee was meeting the PS Ada Muwanga and a team from this ministry yesterday over a wide range of issues regarding the pensioners’ funds.

The committee’s resolve to summon these pension scandal bosses arose after the PS declined to answer all questions relating to the saga and instead asked the committee to summon the officers who were implicated.

She said at that time, she wasn’t the accounting officer to be knowledgeable on how this crime was committed.

The committee chaired by Serere woman MP Alice Alaso heard from the PS that she was also shocked when the court dismissed the case over lack of evidence and yet according to her, the auditors had unearthed loss of billions for pensioners.

“I am also surprised that there is no case because investigators failed to get evidence and yet the auditor general reported loss of funds. I am really surprised. For me, I have no capacity to know  I learnt this from the auditors who said there was loss of funds. I respect the auditor general that is why I am surprised there is no case” she said.

The committee also grilled the PS on allegations that shs15bn was paid out to a ghost law firm.

This money was also meant for pensioners but it was paid under the watch and supervision of Obey, Lwamafa and others.

In addition, the same bosses diverted more shs88bn pensioners’ cash irregularly.

The committee wondered why the Obey group was also not taken on these two scandals apart from the one of shs165bn they paid to ghost pensioners.

The PS however, again threw the issue to these giants saying they must answer all these questions when they appear.

“The same people who were involved in the pension scandal of shs165bn are the same people who were involved in this. I wasn’t there. Whet they appear, you ask them to clarify on all these funds,” the PS added.

The committee resolved that Obey and his group must appear on Tuesday next week as a matter of urgency.

The committee also learnt that Obey is heavily armed and therefore alerted parliament police to be ready to face a man who allegedly moves with a ‘battalion’ of guards around him.

“We are going to carry out further hearings about the ghost pension scam. All officers implicated must appear. Since you said that have approached you for reinstatement, you are going to deliver their summons because you know where they are. We are summoning Obey, Oluka, Kunsa, Lwamafa, Mugume among others. They must appear in person on Tuesday,” Alaso ruled.

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