Pallaso Robbed Clean

This year has truly not been easy for Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso.

Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso
Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso

On Sunday night, Pallaso’s rented pad in Makindye a Kampala suburb was swept clean as he went out to on Radio and Weasel’s show in Kireka.

“Thieves broke into my apartment and swept it clean last night as I was out in Kireka, What a bunch of losers but I’m a warrior and I know God got my back,” he posted on Monday evening

After he posted on Facebook, snoops couldn’t help but speculate that since his house was swept clean, even his boxers and spare protector condoms were also taken.

His fate now remains unknown with some people claiming that he is likely to become a regular visitor and house-hopper until he settles again.

This comes shortly after he quit Team No sleep over unclear circumstances but all is believed to be rotating around his Brother’s death.

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