Robert Mugabe’s stepson fined for manslaughter in Zimbabwe

The eldest son of Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe has been convicted of manslaughter and fined $800 (£520).

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe

Russell Goreraza knocked down and killed an unidentified man in his car in the capital, Harare, in February.

“I regret and want to apologise for the incident,” President Robert Mugabe’s 31-year-old stepson told the court.

The magistrate said he had considered cancelling the accused’s licence and sending him to jail but opted for a fine because of his remorse.

Douglas Chikwekwe said that the fact that Goreraza was a first-time offender had also affected his decision.

The BBC’s Brian Hungwe in the capital, Harare, says many are shocked by the fact that Goreraza did not get a jail term.

Sentencing for culpable homicide varies depending on the magistrate and their interpretation of the circumstances, but two-year prison terms have been handed down in similar cases.


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