Shocking Secrets Why Zuena Resigned From NTV Emerge

On May 29th, Zuena Kimera Ssali – wife to singer Bebe Cool – took to her Facebook page and broke the news of her exit from Serena based television to her over 28,000 followers.


In that rather lengthy post, the mother of three, “. . . thanked God for the good friends I made and experience I got. Unfortunately, on Sunday you’ll be watching my last show as Life Stories presenter as I  have to concentrate on unavoidable family issues . . . ,” her post read in part.

Much as people have unfettered leeway to resign from formal employment, the reasons given by Zuena to end her two year gainful employment at a reputable firm just doesn’t add up.

It takes a totally underlying reason for such a decision to take place and indeed today, Red pepper online will try and explain why Zuena’s position at the Serena based station had become untenable to the extent of ‘resigning’ rather than be forced to.

A couple of years ago, Zuena’s colorful nude pictures found their way into the perverted public domain.

That was around the time when her husband kept introducing himself in every breath as ‘Zuena’s husband’.

Some sections of the public that didn’t know Zuena had grown increasingly impatient for her maiden public introduction and there was no better way to unmask her than for the public to behold pictures of her utter nudity.

Last month, another presenter, Anita Kyalimpa aka Fabiola’s nude pictures leaked and was forced to resign.

While relieving her of her duties, the Head of Human Resources was short of telling her that had she been dressed up in her pictures, she would still be at the station.

It has now emerged that Zuena has a cache of nude pictures that are about to be re-printed and published.

“It wouldn’t make sense for her to wait for her nude pictures to leak then be asked to resign,” a source explained.

“The Serena based station doesn’t condone nude pictures and that is why Fabiola set precedence and was asked to resign,” the source added.

Zuena has since filed a defamation suit in the civil division of the High Court.

In her affidavit, she claims the face is hers but from the neck downwards is for another person.

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