June 9, 2015

Timaya Romps Girl On Stage

While performing in Jinja last Saturday, Nigerian singer Enetimi Alfred Odon famously known as Timaya romped a yet to be identified babe live on stage

Timaya Lifting the bummy babe
Timaya Lifting the bummy babe

Midway into his performance around 1am, Timaya called girls with huge bums to join him on stage, and two girls immediately got on to dance with the ‘Sanko’ star.

However, one big, tall girl in blue leggings got so excited and jumped onto Timaya, nearly breaking his backbone with her weight.

The dirry dance lasted for some seconds until the Sanko star couldn’t hold it anymore and had to let the girl go, but it’s believed that he had already got an erection already.

Without getting enough of the girls, Timaya seemed to have ordered for a Ugandan girl to be taken to his tent, which his bouncers and organizers did.

Timaya Viewing the southern territory of the babe
Timaya Viewing the southern territory of the babe

A shorter fatty babe in a blue miniskirt was seen being whisked away and taken into Timaya’s tent, possibly for a romp.

During his performance, Timaya revealed that Ugandan girls are the sweetest with too much water.

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