Tumwebaze Blasts Mbabazi: You Are Not From Heaven

Minister for Presidency and Kampala Hon. Frank Tumwebaze has said that former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who declared his long awaited bid to stand for president today morning is “not new from heaven” and NRM will assess his record.

No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.
No nonsense Kampala Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

“It’s his constitutional right to vie for any office. And since he says that he will contest within NRM, the membership of NRM will look at his record. Fortunately, he is not new from heaven. He has been here for all the years being part and parcel of the government architecture until he was sacked.” Tuwebaze said

He added; “We are yet to see the new miracles and ideas that he is bringing on board which he never dispensed when he was part of government moreover not as a small actor. What is new with the 8 points I have seen him talk about? He knows well what NRM has accomplished on each of those. We shall however asses him more as a person vying to hold our party’s flag. But one thing to note is that Leadership does not start when one declares to be president.”

Tumwebaze was responding to a number of multiple calls and text messages from news reporters asking him to comment on Hon Amama Mbabazi’s candidature declaration.

Rwakakamba Morrison is posed if Hon. Amama Mbabazi will breathe new life in governance of Uganda

“Hon. Amama Mbabazi is not new and is clearly at the heart of mosaic that images what is working and what is failing in Uganda today. Except that as a lawyer and Prime Minister, he was more eloquent in vending and defending a particular law that scales down democratic gains in Uganda. As a salesman of Public Order Management Bill (now law), certainly Amama Mbabazi is not a paragon of democracy. I look forward to a process that will strike down that law, allowing freedoms to debate and organize in this Country leap skyward.”  Rwakakamba posted on his Facebook timeline

Rwakakamba further said NRM will focus on expanding its bandwidth to yet again defeat Col. Kizza Besigye, who scientific polls have demonstrated consistently commands some sort of following that is worth attention of NRM strategists, cadres, and operatives. Have a great week ahead.

Social Media Reaction: What Others Say

Chris Obore: The only announcement for presidency which made news was from Col. Kizza Besigye in 2001. Amama Mbabazi has announced old news.

Reachel Mbabazi, daughter of Amama Mbabazi: To all Ugandans, let’s all register with our respective parties and vote. To all NRM, there is no such thing as Sole Candidate in real life. Register and vote for your preferred candidate. Let the 2016 games begin! #‎GoForward2016

Allan Kasujja: A source suggests that a file is being prepared and @AmamaMbabazi could be arrested.

Andrew Mwenda: For now I predict there will be criminal charges brought against @AmamaMbabazi over Temangalo, Oil bribes, CHOGM procurements etc

Ian Ortega: I must say, Amama Mbabazi is the most civilized, most mature Presidential Aspirant ever to grace Uganda’s political scene. His bid is devoid of any attacks on personalities. He focuses on issues. Not a single quarrel or recrimination. I am not a fan of either candidates for the coming election. But I must commend Mbabazi on his launch. He’s one who would make even his worst enemy fall in love with him. If he holds the future, he’s represented that from the word ‘go.’

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