Why Museveni Fears Mbabazi

Meanwhile, we have confirmed from sources as to why the president dreads Mbabazi.

mbabazi sevo

Insiders close to the president assured us that the big man is regretting why he brought Amama closer and believed every information and advice he gave him.

For example, according to sources Mbabazi allegedly advised him to reduce on the budget for spying agencies mainly ISO, ESO and CMI.

This piece of advice allegedly came after Mbabazi reign in security ministry had ended and was appointed premier.

Sources stated that Mbabazi weakened these organizations by appointing his cronies in positions of RISO, DISOs among others.

He also advised the president to make changes in the military spy wing-CMI which saw the knifing of former CMI chief Brig. Leopold Kyanda.

“He convinced the president to cut the budgets for ISO, ESO and CMI after his tenure as security minister had ended. The organizations have now died. The president believed him. He is the one who also kept giving intelligence information to the president about key government figures like Bukenya, Amelia Kyambadde among others. This is why many people fell out with the president,” insiders explained.

On top of that, the president is also bitter with Mbabazi accusing him of having misled him on matters regarding Mengo’s ebyaffe.

We were told that whereas the president was set to resolve this matter once and for all by returning Ebyaffe, it was Mbabazi who allegedly convinced him not to return these properties.

On the same line, Museveni is also bitter with Mbabazi because every time he made pledges to the Catholic Church, Mbabazi used his position as leader of government business and frustrated these pledges.

“He would say there is no money. And yet at night, he is the same person who would meet those church leaders and convinced them that the president wasn’t willing to fulfill his promise. Sometimes he would say the pledge had been met yet in actual sense he didn’t!,” insiders added.

Inside cabinet, ministers especially young ones didn’t deliver during his reign as premier at all according to the president.

The reason was that the ministers were frustrated by Mbabazi. This is the reason he chose not to fire/reshuffle them from the recent cabinet reshuffle to give them a second chance to show their ability to perform after Mbabazi had been fired.

“He deliberately sabotaged government by planting several people in different sectors. Many ministers have not been performing because of him. Ministers mostly young ones were willing to work but during his reign, he would refuse to facilitate them or stop their projects,” insiders added.

On top of that, Mbabazi also has allegedly been building a political base using youths whom he took to China for training and also technocrats whose list is being compiled.


Meanwhile, intelligence has been shocked to learn that the Mbabazi group has now coined a new strategy to avoid detection.

Following his announcement, his collaborators mainly among members of parliament no longer use his name directly. They have since resorted to using acronyms NRA and NRM.

As for NRA, the members mean NRM-Amama and NRM means NRM-Museveni. However, to avoid detection, instead of pronouncing it as NRM-A, they simply refer to his camp as NRA and Museveni’s as NRM.

It should be remembered that the NRA was the military wing of NRM which is now the ruling party.

The Mbabazi camp coined this strategy from South Sudan where rebels  led by Riek Machar formed SPLA/M-in opposition without disowning the original SPLA/M in power.

It is meant to confuse and weaken the leadership in power.

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