Zaitoon Dethrones Desire as Queen of Kitone Empire

After months as the reigning queen of Kitone Empire, singer Desire seems to have lost the crown to a one Zaitoon Ahmed Katsurana.


Kinky pictures of this Muslim babe leaked to the snoops mid this week and they have taken the online platforms by storm. They are spreading like wild fire.

A bunch of about 82+ nude photos of Zaitoon have been making rounds on social media after being leaked by an alleged ex-lover.

However after leaking, snoops have intimated that she could have overthrown Desire Luzinda considering the fact that her twinnies were well pulled.

Others hinted on the fact that she has a well groomed, gigantic bean and it can take on any piston size.

“Women who finger themselves are always too horny for life,” a sexcited dude was overheard saying, referring to one of the pictures in which she was dipping her finger into the hairy and well lubricated Kigodo.

On the other hand, some women have spearheaded a campaign against the pictures claiming that they are ugly and disgusting.

“Ugliest nudes ever. This Zaitoon gal has a VIP place in hell,” Sarah Mubest posted.

“Ho ho ho the only problem I saw was I didn’t see a man in there yet it clearly shows how she was Cumming hoooo.”

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