17-yr-old Moses Bwambale Needs Shs2m To Repair Rotting Leg

Ugandans on a Facebook group, Rwenzururu Discussion Board have launched a campaign to save the life of seventeen year old Moses Bwambale.

Moses (C) needs Shs2m to repair his leg
Moses (C) needs Shs2m to repair his leg

The boy is suffering from a condition called Exostosis. It is the formation of new bone on the surface of a bone, because of excess calcium forming. Multiple benign or noncancerous bone tumors develop in the affected individuals. Most people seem unaffected at birth; however, by the age of 12 years, they develop multiple exostoses.

Moses who has lived with the painful condition for years now and according to information on the group, after undergoing treatment at Kilembe Mines Hospital, a deep wound later emerged that later due to tissue degeneration, exposed the bone on his left leg.

This picture shows the extent of Moses' wound
This picture shows the extent of Moses’ wound

“This management couldn’t last long until the wound reappeared and gradually the tissue has been eaten away as witnessed in the pictures attached,” Julie Masika Akankwasa who is heading the campaign wrote on the group.

Juliet is appealing to all good Samaritans to come to the rescue of Moses. They estimate that Moses’ operation will cost Shs2m. Those willing to contribute can contact  Julie Masika Akankwasa on 0774109631 or Jonani Bwambale on 0785477516.



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