Bebe Cool Is Arrogant—Kenzo

While appearing on TV mid this week, BET award winner Eddy Kenzo finally spoke out about his disagreements with fellow singer Bebe Cool, under high emotional moods.

Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo

While being interviewed by Douglas Lwanga on Wednesday, Kenzo said he has no problem with Bebe Cool only that he is so arrogant.

“I love and support Bebe Cool, but he is just arrogant, and I don’t deal with arrogant people,” Kenzo roared.

This comes shortly after the Gagamel boss resurrected his controversial statement saying Kenzo is an upcoming artist and he wasn’t ready to take back his statement.

On this same interview, Kenzo put local award organizers on the spot, accusing them of treating him like an underdog despite his efforts.

Apparently, some organizers like those of Buzz teen awards always neglected him, saying he is local and not to the standards.

Noteworthy, while asked why he couldn’t have landed an MTV nod, Kenzo said these awards have too much politics, mainly because they first consult with scribes on the ground, who later betray him.

However, Kenzo said even if others win 1000 Mamas, and 100 channel O’s, no one would beat him, unless one wins a Grammy award.

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