Bobi Wine Is Local, Illiterate & Attention Seeker—Bebe Cool

There is another cold war that has emerged between musicians Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool over a variety of issues.

Bebe Cool  Photo: Elisha Muloki
Bebe Cool Photo: Elisha Muloki

It all started when Bobi Wine sarcastically asked his fans to vote for Bebe Cool in the Mama awards, something that pissed off the Gagamel boss.

Apparently, Bobi Wine urged his fans to vote for the ill-mannered Bebe Cool to pave way for some good behavior in him just in case he wins.

Today morning Bebe took to his Facebook page and launched a verbal artillery against the self-proclaimed Ghetto gladiator, deeming him a local attention seeker who cannot speak English.

“You are a married man, still having live sex with any gal in the clubs and bringing your wife kids, you promote drugs, You don’t have good music, you can’t speak English, your local, you stay far from town and you brand a big man nominated in awards, with great music like go mama album, ill mannered,” Bebe Cool posted in his grammatically challenged style.

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine

According to Bebe Cool, his rival bonks girls in clubs tubeless, and later takes kids for his wife Barbie to babysit.

Bebe Cool finally sealed off his rant by advising Bobi Wine, that he shouldn’t vote, because voting is for learnt people unlike him.

Bebe Cool’s Facebook rant

Drugs drugs drugs,I always will say drugs r bad coz they lead u to do so many mistakes n they even make some pipo think n see them selves where they r not.

Now this music failure comes up to say am ill mannered, hmm mm. Emitwe gino!

U r a married man,still having live sex with any gal in the clubs n bringing your wife kids,u promote drug, U DON’T HAVE good MUSIC,u can’t speak English,your local,u stay far from town and you brand a BIG MAN nominated in awards,with GREAT MUSIC LIKE GO MAMA ALBUM, ill mannered.

By the way I thought fans r for musicians with good music,little did I know there r fans for big mouths,n just to remind u voting for bebecool is by academy,on internet,for the learnt,with MBs,and those who can PRESS burtons.

I know u seeking attention but wrong move boy n to all fans of this TONTOMIST,pliz DONT vote for me coz u will vote wrongly n we might loose.

Wama abanjagala let’s go. Click here to vote for bebe cool love you everyday in mtv music awards 2015 video of the category.

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