Bummy Alupo Sexually Starving

In 1995, international artists; The Suggs, released a hit called Cecilia! and it goes: Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart, you’re shaking my confidence daily, oh Cecilia, I’m down on my knees, I’m begging you please to come home……..!

Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo
Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo

This song seems to suit the current situation which education, science, technology and sports minister Maj. Jessica Alupo is reported to be going through!

A fortnight ago, Sunday pepper released a story naming top officials who these days rarely move with their sweet hearts!

In that story Alupo was part of this list! However, it has now emerged that the bummy sexilicious minister is actually not doing it on her own but because of circumstances which seems to be beyond her control!

We can exclusively reveal that the bummy minister who two weeks ago obtained a honorary doctorate [PhD] from a top Chinese university, is actually under sexual starvation!

This is so because, her hubby Maj. Innocent Tukashaba is away in Bangledesh undertaking a senior officers’ military course!

As a result, snoops close to this couple tell us that Alupo is having  cold nights and has since bought herself several sweaters which she puts on to get warmth in absence of Maj. Tukashaba!

“You people, it is not that she doesn’t want to move with her hubby but because the man is away on a military course. He went several months ago and left the bummy minister in cold nights. She sleeps late and sometimes comes back late from office and field work. Actually she has these days ordered for sweaters which she puts on in search of warmth,” a top snoop told us.

It is not clear when Tukashaba will return but data is that Alupo is currently on a forced vacation of love courtesy of further studies in military affairs.

Tukashaba is undertaking a Command and Staff Course; according to our snoops in the UPDF.

This development comes at a time when a month ago we reported that some four male MPs were pursuing the minister for love affairs.

In one of the love notes an MP from Kigezi dropped in her pigeon hole, the horny male MP claimed that every time he comes across Alupo, his intestines convulse.

Another MP claimed that he had stopped attending plenary sessions every time the romantic minister attends to avoid getting mental disorientation.

The MP claimed that due to Alupo’s giant booty, he couldn’t concentrate and therefore chose to stay away once the bummy minister from Katakwi enters the chambers!

We were told that Alupo has continued to play the horny MPs off despite their demands for ‘face to face’ plenary sessions with her!


Alupo was the first MP in this 9th parliament to legalize her relationship with Tukashaba and were followed by Evelyn Anite.

Subsequently, other MPs followed suit. The two lovebirds wedded at Rubaga cathedral and were wedded by Cardinal Wamala before hosting their guests at Munyonyo.

President Museveni was the chief guest! Besides her official schedule in the education ministry, the minister these days spends her leisure time reading the bible.

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