Health Ministry Rolls Out Health & Fitness Camp

Ministry of health has partnered with Clapper house to launch a health and fitness camp that will be aimed at curbing Non-communicable Diseases.

Clapper House Boss Solomon Williams addressing journalists at National Mandela stadium yesterday.
Clapper House Boss Solomon Williams addressing journalists at National Mandela stadium yesterday.

The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Health and taking advantage of  Public Private Partnerships has partnered with Clapper House Limited and other notable stakeholders like Uganda Police Force, NSSF, KCCA, Vivo Energy, NTV, UBC, Mogas Uganda, The Nabageraka Foundation and other stakeholders in declaring and urging action to combat the rising burden of NCDs in Uganda.

“This Call for Action against NCDs” will be launched as My Life, Health and Fitness Camp on 2nd August 2015 at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole.

It will involve weekly physical activity programs, free NCDs screening and health education on risk factors and NCDs management.

Action by the Ministry of Health alone will not be adequate to reverse the NCD epidemic as the role of other players particularly the private sectors will be vital for creating environments to promote healthy lifestyles and sensitizing individuals to adopt them. My Life, Health and Fitness Initiative by Clapper House in partnership with the ministry of Health is therefore a timely intervention to counter the disease burden through preventive approaches.

The top Non Communicable Diseases, which account for 70% of deaths, are preventable through avoidance of the risk factors and regular medical checkups.

Exercising and Improving nutrition in addition to the avoidance of tobacco use and alcohol abuse are the most fundamental and impactful way of preventing and managing NCDs.

According to World Health Organization, the global epidemic of Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases are the leading causes of death globally, killing more people each year than all other causes combined?

More than 36 million people across the globe die annually from NCDs, including 9 million who die too young before the age of 60.

In Uganda, ministry of Health’s data indicate 43% of deaths in the country are caused by non-communicable diseases due to lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits.

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