How ADF Chief Was Smoked Out In TZ

Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) chief Jamil Mukulu was last seen in Uganda 22 years in his home district of Kayunga.  His mother, Aisha Nakiyemba says she has not seen her son, now 51 since 1992.

“As a parent, I feel bad about the bad acts my son is said to be engaged in but I ask the President to allow me see him because I hear that he was arrested in Tanzania,” she said.

Jamil Mukulu (2nd L) arriving at Jinja-Nalufeena on Sunday
Jamil Mukulu (2nd L) arriving at Jinja-Nalufeenya on Sunday

Nakiyemba spoke passionately about his son and regretted his acts.

“I miss him and I have no way of seeing him. President Museveni knows me and I plead with him to allow me see my son. As a parent, I just gave birth to him but I did not know what kind of person he would become in future,” she said.

Nakiyemba also expressed shock at her son’s subsequent conversion from the Protestant faith to Islam. “He (Mukulu) is a Protestant and he used to like his religion very much when he was still a youth. His actual name is Steven Kyagulanyi and he was born in 1964,” Nakiyemba said at her home in Ntooke Village, Kayunga district.

“Although he was a bright young boy, when he reached Primary Six, he dropped out of school and went to Kampala with his sister and later settled to do business,” she added.

Mukulu’s mother said after doing business for some time, she later heard that her son had travelled to Saudi Arabia, but said she did not know what he went to do.

The community in Ntooke village, especially the elders, described Mukulu as a disciplined but belligerent young man.

“We have taken long without seeing him here. He used to come in the 1990s to see his mother and he would go around greeting people,” Sam Kintu said.

Mukulu is the third born in a family of 14 children. He is among the five who are still alive.

The 22 year wait by Mukulu’s mum Aisha to see his son could end soon as the islamist rebel chief was returned to Uganda over the weekend.

Disturbingly, Mukulu is not in Uganda for a holiday and to see his mum but to face trial for crimes against humanity.

However, Aisha could use this opportunity to have a one-one with his son and ask him ‘what went wrong?’

The tall, bearded sheikh  was a fixture of terror , commanding ADF rebels  as they spread terror after shaking the great lakes region;from Eastern DRC  in the 90’s, todate, through multiple attacks, the 1998 Kicwamba massacre  and the subsequent killings in DRC, Kasese and the recent shootings of sheikhs in Kampala.

The extradited Mukulu is set to appear before courts to face murder and terrorism charges.

Mukulu was paraded before the media for the first time yesterday since being extradited from Tanzania on Friday.

Mukulu, clad in a pink shirt, dark blue sports trouser and brown leather shoes was paraded by police chief Gen Kale Kayihura before the media at Nalufenya Police Station in Jinja .

Before parading Mukulu, Kayihura warned journalists not to come close to Mukulu saying that the highly trained killer could easily strangle one of them.

Mukulu looked composed and well nourished, with no handcuffs. He entered the room amidst water-tight security.

When he stepped inside the room, he stared at Kayihura and immediately started prayers and looked visibly angry before he was rushed back to his detention cell, only to be returned minutes after.

While addressing the media, Kayihura said Mukulu’s arrest was a big blow to the killers of the Muslim clerics across the country and said families and his victims will soon get justice.

Kayihura said Mukulu who has been on the international police red notice was arrested on March 19th 2015 in Kagera region of northern Tanzania while trying to procure travel documents for one of his children abroad.

He said at the time of his arrest, he was using travel documents under names of David Amos Mazengo.

After the arrest, the Tanzanian authorities informed their Ugandan counterparts and a team was dispatched to identify the fugitive on May 4th, 2015.

The police said his extradition is a clear affirmation of the rule of law by both Tanzania and Uganda governments.

“Uganda is committed to ensuring she is not a sanctuary for criminals, we thank Tanzanian government for its brotherly efforts to fight criminals even though there were many forces against this extradition,” Kayihura said.

“This has gone into the books of Uganda’s history and this is our Osama Bin Laden.”

Kayihura said Mukulu will be charged with murder in compliance with the extradition ruling. He said other cases will be brought against him in the near future.

“For the meantime we will charge him in accordance with the extradition ruling and other cases can come in later,” Kayihura noted.

Kayihura revealed that, Mukulu will face various charges he committed in Uganda, including the killing of Kichwamba students in Kasese District, the attacks made by his men on buses, Owino market, Old Taxi park, and Mango Bar in Jinja, among others.

Besides, Kayihura added that, Mukulu will also be charged with other murders, including; the one of Sheikh Ductoor Abdul Kadir Muwaya, of Mayuge, Tito Okwale, Police officers including; No.54812, Police Constable Muzamir Babale, No. 44957, Karim Tenywa, Corporal Julius Owali, Steven Macho, and Owen John Steven, respectively.

“Actually he is also supposed to face charges related to terrorism and crimes against humanity. I wish to thank the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Attorney General, Military and other sister security organizations because we now have enough evidence to use in pinning this man,” Kayihura explained.

The police boss also said an investigation into the source of Mukulu’s funding has kicked off, after discovering he has a lot of businesses in the United Kingdom Caribbean countries.

Kayihura warned Dr Aggrey Kiyingi that he is next on the wanted list after Mukulu.

“I want to warn Kiyingi, I know he is a doctor; he should concentrate on what he studied and leave what he did not study,” Kayihura warned.

The Mukulu was spotted praying secretly after being unveiled by Police. He was taken back into a small Police car amidst tight security, which was being commanded by the Counter Terrorism Director, John Ndungutse.




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