I Must Go To Mbale— Mbabazi

Defiant 2016 presidential aspirant and former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has today morning revealed that nothing will stop him from going to Mbale district where he is expected to kickoff his nation-wide consultative meetings.

Amama Mbabazi addressing journalists at Kololo today. Photo: Elisha Muloki
Amama Mbabazi addressing journalists at his home in Kololo today. Photo: Elisha Muloki

“I am going to Mbale. IGP cannot lawfully stop me. If he puts ‘Mamba’ on my gate, i will jump over it,” Mbabazi told journalists today morning at his home in Kololo, a Kampala upscale suburb.

Mbabazi will kick off his nation-wide consultative meetings in Mbale on July 9 but IGP Gen Kale Kayihura said that the former prime Minister is not allowed to conduct the meetings.

The letter dated 23rd June, 2015 is a response to Mbabazi’s intention to start countrywide consultative meetings in a bid to prepare for his presidential candidature nomination.

“Your program of public meetings are not cleared by police and cannot go ahead as intended until, as requested by chairman of Electoral Commission,” the letter reads.

Gen Kayihura added; “You first harmonize the position in your letter of introduction to the Electoral Commission and that of your party NRM.”

While responding to Gen Kayihura’s letter which was instructing the fired Prime Minister not conduct his nation-wide consultative meetings ahead of his presidential nomination, Mbabazi said that; “I saw the letter from the IGP in which they said I am not allowed to consult; the law says you can consult when you intend to aspire. They are briefly saying I should not stand. For them to say that anyone to aspire they have to consult the party is nonsense,” said Mbabazi adding that; “I don’t need clearance from police to do my work. What I am required by law to do I will do.”

On June 15 2015, Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi declared that he will be standing for president come 2016.

He revealed that he will first contest in the NRM primaries before standing for presidency.

“I come before you today, to tell you that I will be seeking your vote, first within my party the NRM as its flag bearer; and later on in the whole country for President in the 2016 Presidential elections,” said Mbabazi.

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