KAGEZI FAMILY: We Want Justice

Barely a few months after the shooting of state attorney, Joan Namazzi Kagezi, a family member has come out to demand justice.

Joan Kagezii

One of the family members who talked on condition of anonymity, told Red pepper that they want to see assailants arrested and prosecuted.

“We have always heard that the police are still doing investigations but we have never been updated how far they have gone because we want those assailants taken to court,” a family member said.

“We have always seen on different sections of the media how suspects have been arrested and later released secretly so as a family we have not yet got satisfaction.”

State Prosecutor, Joan Kagezi, was murdered in cold blood in Kiwatule a Kampala suburb on March 30 and since then the hunt for the assailants has been a mystery and Police is still grappling to apprehend them.

Also the investigations have been marred with huge rift within police and other intelligence organs; with the latter accusing the newly created Special Operations unit of carrying out parallel investigations. This has since stalled the investigations.

Ever since the hunt started, police placed a Shs10m bounty on Kagezi killers and over 60 people have since been arrested and interrogated.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told Red Pepper that they have arrested and interrogated the suspects to find out if they are related to Kagezi killers.

Enanga said police is currently holding 8 suspects in different cells across the city ant they are highly suspected to be linked to the shooting of Kagezi.

Enanga said that in the due process, police is working very hard to connect the suspects to the crime scene.

The police spokesperson also revealed that the suspect who was arrested in Kasese was set free after police found out that he was not connect to the shooting.

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