Kenzo salivates over naked babe in club

With the stardom he has claimed lately, you can be sure that babes will do anything to get Eddy Kenzo’s attention even if it means walking half naked.

Kenzo drooling at the semi-nude babe

Spotted at Club Venom in Kabalagala recently, a yet to be identified brown babe stepped into the premises in an extremely revealing outfit, with 90% of her flesh on display.

When she approached the ‘Sitya Loss’ hit-maker, temperatures must have risen in his body, thus the nonstop drooling and salivating.

According to our on-ground snoops, Kenzo felt like touching this semi-nude babe but with the Paparazzis in place, he opted for optical nutrition instead.

At the same night, Kenzo was showered with dollar notes from a Sudanese tycoon only identified as Wilson, who threw money all over for whoever cared to pick.

All this was at the BET party held at Venom to celebrate Kenzo’s achievement—first of its kind in the country.

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