M7 Must Go — Muntu

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) hopeful Presidential aspirant Mugisha Muntu has said that to transform Uganda, dictatorship must go, referring to the current National Resistance Movement (NRM) under the stewardship of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

FDC President Mugisha Muntu
FDC President Mugisha Muntu

Muntu who was addressing supporters yesterday after his nomination in the FDC presidential flag bearer race stressed that Ugandans are tired of the dictatorial regime.

“Ugandans are tired of being held hostage to a president who has betrayed everything that we fought for and everything many people gave their lives for,” a fuming Muntu said.

He added; “Ugandans are tired of being robbed and lied to, where the country’s assets are treated like private holdings, sold and exchanged behind closed doors, with no accounting to the actual owners – we the Ugandan citizens…

Ugandans are tired of being terrorized by a government that has become so afraid that they unleash kiboko, bullets and tear gas on anyone who dares to challenge Museveni.”

He highlighted the Wednesday shooting of Besigye supporter at FDC office in Najjanankumbi as an indicator of impunity which has become normal under Museveni regime.

FDC United

Muntu also highlighted that FDC is a united party which is ready to play a major role in the urgent mission of offering better, more effective and just governance to our country.

“To reestablish cohesion in our party has required patience, fair play, transparency, tolerance and consistency in exhibiting unwavering commitment to democracy and reconciliation.
We have not been deterred by the skepticism that we cannot collectively withstand the stresses and pressures that our party has faced. We have been steadfast and resolute in pursuit of our objectives,” he said.

He also told his supporters that President Yoweri Museveni has deepened an anti-democratic culture of personalized rule that makes it difficult for many to understand that healthy competition is possible and necessary. Muntu referred to how the regime has negatively responded to Amama Mbabazi’s desire to contest for presidency.

“The Museveni regime’s negative response to the challenge by Mr. Amama Mbabazi, his former Prime Minister and longtime colleague, is the latest manifestation of this dangerous personalization of power.”

Muntu affirmed that the FDC competition is not going to be about Muntu or Besigye but a winning strategy.

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