Maintain Peace & Unity—M7

President Museveni has urged people of West Nile to maintain peace and unity ushered in by National Resistance Movement (NRM).


“Am glad that NRM is able to maintain peace supported by you people. The population of Uganda has gone up. I urge you to support and maintain this peace,” Museveni was quoted telling people in Moroto

The president cautioned people that the development which government has brought does not belong to any individual.

“If there is a tarmac road, you can’t take a mattress at night and sleep on the road and say there is development, let me enjoy it. In order for us to be benefit, we must add wealth. Wealth is in your homes. If you got cows, chicken, fruit garden, and plantation of trees that is wealth. If you have a house for renting, a shop or boda boda to get money, that is wealth,” he said.

Museveni said that people of Moyo are limping because when government works on development, the (people) fail to work on wealth.

“You can’t walk properly. There is a tarmac road but people are poor in the houses next to tarmac and electricity that you can’t put in the house because there is no money to pay for it. Wealth Creation is very crucial for food security and incomes. I want projects in each home dedicated to cash. Each home must have a cash project,” Museveni said.

He challenged parents to ensure that their children are equipped with skills for job creation.

“Children are studying English, French, literature! Which of those courses will enable them to get jobs once they finish? If you study Latin and you pass very highly, the question is who wants to use Latin? Even in Church these days they no longer use Latin. That used to be in 1960s but now they are using local languages,” he said.

Museveni who is on a four-day working visit to promote the wealth creation campaign in the West Nile region and Northern Uganda made the remarks at Celecele West Village Grounds in Moyo Municipality.

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  1. Our President is a shame! 30 years in power with all the contradictions about “Africa’s problems” and his date of birth issue as told in his own book (sawing the mastered seed) and his recent revelation of Mbarara brings to light a shameless and an unprincipled person, I pity Janet.

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