MAMA Awards: Bebe Cool Trolled On Social Media

It must be painful to be mocked by fellow countrymen even in times of misery and this is exactly what musician Bebe Cool is currently experiencing.

bebe cool trolled

For starters, Bebe lost to Ricky Rick of the Nafukwa fame, but from then to this minute, most tweets, Facebook posts and on other social media platforms are all pinning Bebe Cool.

It should be noted that Jose Chameleone also lost to Nigerian star D’Banj but all posts are shooting Bebe Cool.

Unlike before, the Gagamel boss hasn’t made any Facebook attack yet, but rather opted for a peaceful message even after losing.

“There is always a next time as I always say what does not kill me only makes me stronger.

Hard luck my bro Chameleone and let’s continue with what we do best……” Bebe posted.

According to sources, these ‘mocking statements’ are because the ‘Go Mama’ hit maker exuded a high level of arrogance prior to the event.

In a previous post he made towards Bobi Wine, he urged all the Firebase fans not to vote for fear of losing out, an exact post most social media geeks are using.

“I know you seeking attention but wrong move boy and to all fans of this TONTOMIST, please DONT vote for me because you will vote wrongly and we might lose,” Bebe posted on 7TH July.

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