Maroons Edge Villa To Win Eid Cup

2015 EID Cup: FT SC Villa 0 (3) – 0 (4) Maroons F.C


Maroons FC have started their campaign for the 2015/2016 forthcoming season in a full swing after beating Sports Club Villa 4-3 in penalty shootout at the Nakivubo stadium on Friday.

The prisons based side held SC Villa to a goalless draw in normal time and the two sides had to wrap it up through penalty shoot-outs.

At first, SC Villa had a golden opportunity to grab the lead when Nigerian born Victor Emenayo had perfectly met Yesseri Waibi’s delivery from the left flunk but thanks to goal keeper, Jamal Maliyanmungu who denied the latter’s effort.

With the half time score being goalless, Spaniard Antonio Flores responded by introducing Muwadda Katerega, Godfrey Lwesibawa and Etrude Abel for Victor Emenayo, Augustin Nsumba and Kasule Abdul Kalim and Ambrose Kirya paving way for Mike Ndela.

SC Villa netted their three penalties through Yesseri Waibi, Jonathan Mugabi and Godfrey Lwesibawa while Robert Achema and Abel Eturude missed.

For the Prisons side, Denis Rukundo, Sylvester Okello, Hood Muliki and goal keeper Jamal Maliyamungu successfully managed to convert their shootouts with Allan Anguyo missing.

However, SC Villa’s loss to Maroons FC should be marked as the club’s first loss under new boss Antonio Flores whose first task was to restore the glory days to Villa Park by winning trophies.

The match was organized by the sports committee of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) and supreme mufti Sheikh Ramadan Mubajje was also part of the congregation that witnessed the two sides clashing for the title.

SC Villa XI:

Steven Odongokara (G.K), Misi Katende, Yesseri Waibi, Jonathan Mugabi, Henry Katongole, Denis Kamanzi (Captain), Abdul Karim Kasule, Victor Emenayo, Robert Achema, Augustine Nsumba


46’ Godfrey Lwesibawa In, Victor Emenayo Out, Muwadda Kateregga In, Abdul Karim Kasule Out, 71’ Mike Ndera In, Ambrose Kirya Out, Abel Eturude In, Augustine Nsumba Out

Maroons F.C XI:

Jamal Malyanmungu (G.K), Dennis Rukundo, Godwin Kitagenda, Sylvester Okello, Maxwell Okello, Allan Anguyo, Yahaya Luti, Lwali M., Sande, Ronald Orombi


Umar Babu, Salim Kayaye, Herbert Muyomba, Ali Mbidde, Solomon  Ewol, Moses Wasswa, Salim Musa

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