MPs Bag Shs100m As Fuel Allowances

Members of parliament across the political divide are laughing their hearts out after mega manna fell onto them in form of cash.


The manna in question is supposed to be on their accounts by the close of Wednesday this week though our sources in parliament told us that some of the members in other banks were supposed to get the millions by the close of yesterday.

Each Member of Parliament is going to pocket not less than shs100m.

“The last person to get his pay is that member whose account is in bank of Baroda. But those in banks like Centenary bank will by the close of today have their money.

The process to pay was meant to commence on Friday but it delayed because it was a public holiday,” our sources confirmed to us.


For some time now, parliament has allegedly been at loggerheads with finance ministry over fuel allowances.

Apparently, the members through those sitting on the budget committee have been clamoring for an increase in their fuel allowances.

It was a protracted war which bosses in the treasury have been totally against and didn’t want to endorse such an idea.

It even forced one of the bosses in the treasury to allegedly flee to China for some days in a bid to dodge the signing of the documents for payments.

As a plan to hit back at finance’s actions, parliament allegedly protested by rejecting the financial quarterly release until the top up for fuel had been included.

It was not so long ago that parliament finally won the battle and by last week, the payments had been started for preparations by finance ministry.

We were informed that by yesterday, the money had started going to members’ accounts and they are all itching to get it.

“I can assure you, we are very broke. Campaigns are in our necks. We have no money and this money is really a blessing to us. We expect it and it will do miracles to us,” a source told us and that in fact, several members were by yesterday making numerous orders for campaign posters.

When contacted for a comment, parliament clerk Jane Kibirige Lubowa neither confirmed nor denied our story.

She said that she had been away from office and therefore needed time to confirm the payments.

“I have to find out whether there is that payment. As far as I am concerned, I paid salaries but I need to find out,” she said on phone.


According to our knowledgeable sources, MPs have been claiming that the money being given to them for fuel is little yet the price for fuel per liter has risen since 2011 when they came to parliament.

The finance ministry continues to allocate shs2500 per liter since 2011 yet the prices for fuel have been going up.

It is for this reason that members are now demanding for compensation for their fuel allowances with each member now going to bag extra shs1300.

The calculation for this tactical ‘compensation’ is dating back in 2011 until the present day. It covers a period of five years according to our insiders.

“Each member expects not less than shs200m for this compensation. They are going to pay us in installments of three or two. But we are happy that we have finally got this money. It is really timely,” sources stated.

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