MPs Petition Parliament For More Constituencies

Members of Parliament from districts which were not granted new constituencies have petitioned parliament demanding government rescind its decision and create more constituencies.


The MPs demanding more constituencies are from Kasese, Kween, Ruhindi, Buhweju, Manafwa and Zombo.

In total, legislators are demanding for creation of 11 more constituencies.

The demands

Kasese is asking for the creation of Kasese East Municipality which will comprise of Nyamwamba A and B.

Nyamwamba A division will comprise of 42,000 people and 92,000 for Nyamwamba B division.

Kween with a population of 95,623 people is demanding for Soyi County to create a new constituency as requested in 2012 for the Sebei people who are the minority.

Buhweju with a population of 124,044 is demanding that it should be divided to create Buhweju West County with 72,970 people.

Manafwa with a population of 352,864 is demanding that it should be divided to create Bugobero county East for Namisigwa and Bugobero county West for Bukusus as requested in 2006.

Bungokho North County with 170,000 people should be divided into Bungokho East.

Buhaguzi county with a total population of 265,000 be divided into Buhaguzi west with 14744 people.

Omoro County with a population of 143,400 should be split to create Tochi County with 68,400people and a district as requested in 2011.

Kassanda County in Mubende with 237,613 people requests for more sub counties and more villages as it was promised 5 years back.

Ngora County with a population of 142,487 should be divided to create Ngora south with 68,000 people and the current be North.

Bukooli South County with 186,000 people should be divided to create Namayingo south with 3 sub counties and a population of 110,000 people.

Kibale people are requesting for creation of Buyaga West with 178,677 people be split to create Buyaga south with 86,000 people.

While appearing before Parliamentary Committee on Public Service and Local Government on Monday, Local government Minister Adolf Mwesigye said that government will not create more constituencies.

“At the moment, the Ministry has no plans of creating new more counties” he said.

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