NRM Fresh Plot On Mbabazi Leaks

Amama Mbabazi’s decision to carry out consultations across the country in his quest to scoop NRM chairmanship continues to ring bells in heads of NRM bosses.

NRM MPs have endorsed president Museveni to contest as flag bearer of the party in 2016.
NRM MPs have endorsed president Museveni to contest as flag bearer of the party in 2016.

There are some voices that want him blocked through a court injunction while another wants him to be fired from the party immediately!

And yet, the NRM chief whip’s office is still looking on expecting a solution to come from the NRM secretariat!

In fact, this is the reason; the whip’s office has never uttered even a single word ever since one of its members started ‘political misbehavior’.

This act is completely different from the days of Kasule Lumumba who after facing what she called undisciplined members, petitioned the party’s disciplinary committee and eventually, the four legislators Theodore Ssekikubo, Wilfred Nuwagaba, Barnabas Tinkasimire and Mohamed Nsereko were fired from the party after she tabled evidence against them!

Lumumba has already turned guns against Mbabazi accusing him of misconduct even when she is no longer the chief whip.

Her actions are actually part of the ways the party thinks it can bring Mbabazi to order.

She has written to IGP Kale Kayihura disowning Mbabazi meaning that she wants him arrested if he continues to impersonate NRM.

What is interesting though is the fact that Mbabazi is still a member of NRM and also a caucus member!

Whereas Lumumba is struggling, government chief whip’s office has turned a blind eye! Why?

The reason is that whatever he is doing, he is doing it ‘outside’ the mandate of the chief whip’s office whose only work stops at ensuring members tow the party’s line when it comes to parliamentary business.

Since his declaration, Mbabazi has not attended any parliamentary proceedings.

But at the same time, he has not been heard opposing the business on the floor through other fora.

“It is true he is our member but whatever he is doing is outside the mandate of the caucus. As far as we are concerned, we have not seen him oppose the party’s decision on the floor. This is where our mandate as chief whip’s office stops. His declaration is something that concerns the NRM secretariat not our office,” caucus publicist Hamson Obua assured us.

He went on; “the rebel MPs were dragged to the disciplinary committee because they had persistently opposed the caucus position on the floor. This was in total breach of the caucus rules and regulations. We have not seen Mbabazi doing the same in parliament.”

The secretariat’s hands according to sources are also tied when it comes to dealing with Mbabazi.

For example, no one has ever brought any complaint to the secretariat.

In case Mbabazi is to be disciplined, the matter should arise from Kanungu district where Mbabazi himself hails.

The party’s constitution suggests that the Kanungu NRM branch disciplinary committee can raise this matter or a concerned NRM voter; something which hasn’t happened yet.

In case the branch disciplinary committee fails to handle Mbabazi, it should forward him to the district NRM disciplinary committee for action.

In case even here it fails, then the national disciplinary committee can handle it. No such a matter has been raised so far.

“This matter is not a simple one. You cannot just expect a petition from Kanungu offices because this is where the man comes from. Unless the party makes an extra effort and engineers a petition from Kanungu against Mbabazi,” sources stated.


Last week’s decision by Lumumba to write to IGP disowning Mbabazi and therefore blocking his planned consultative meetings is one of the options the party has to press Mbabazi to do two things; one is that he should make a second declaration where he says he will stand as an independent. If he does this, the party’s hands will get off him.

Secondly, Mbabazi should wait for the official communication from the NRM EC calling for nominations of presidential candidates. In case he is nominated, he will be free to traverse the country as he wants.

“He made a mistake in his declaration when he said that he would stand in NRM primaries as a presidential flag bearer before proceeding to solicit for votes at national level. He can’t get off this because we are taking him on basing on his statement. If he had said he was going to stand but without stating on which ticket, the situation would have been a different one. His announcement therefore tags him to the laid down legal framework of the NRM party. He cannot proceed with his meetings. He cannot meet our members when the process hasn’t been opened up. He is therefore acting outside the party’s rules and regulations though he has every right to stand for these posts as he wants,” sources stated.

The sources told us that in case he wants to stand as NRM, he should wait; but the other option is for him to announce that he is standing as an independent.

Another option the NRM has on its table against Mbabazi is going to court and seek a permanent injunction against Mbabazi’s continued ‘masquerading’ as NRM presidential aspirant.

Here, when the injunction is secured, it will give IGP Kale Kayihura all powers to block Mbabazi rallies without being seen as a partisan officer.

Kayihura will be enforcing a court order as opposed to his current ‘partisan’ conduct when he seems to be acting on behalf of NRM yet he heads a national institution.

We were told however that the party fears that it might not get justice from court because Mbabazi is allegedly entrenched within the judiciary.

“If we secure this court order, it will give Kayihura legal protection because he will be enforcing a court order which is within the constitutional means as opposed to writing to IGP disowning Mbabazi. He cannot freely enforce this SG letter because it is partisan yet this is an internal matter within NRM. Our fear however, is what will happen in court if we file this injunction? Do we have cadre judge to help us achieve this? This man has his people in judiciary. This is our worry,” sources added.

Indeed, already Mbabazi has got an NRM party card. The question now; will the party block his meetings beginning on July9?

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