Police Vows To Arrest Sheikh Kirya Assassins

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has said that police started investigations which will be vital in identifying assailants who gunned down Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya.

Fred Enanga, Police spokes person
Fred Enanga, Police spokesperson

Kirya, who was working as spokesperson of Kibuli Muslim faction was gunned down by yet to be identified assailants in Bweyogerere, a city suburb while heading home on Monday night.

“We have urgently commenced investigations that are still in the early stages but as we advance, will help us identify the killers and establish their motive,” Enanga said in a statement released today.

He added; “At this point in time, we remain open-minded over the motivation for the shooting, although investigations will help single out whether it is an act of terror, personal conflict, factional differences or other motives.”

Enanga also disclosed that Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura has ordered arrest of slain Sheikh’s bodyguard who will be charged with duty negligence.

“His cardinal duty was to ensure the deceased adhered to all safety precautions under the threats that faced him. His beat only ended after him handing over to the residential guards who formed part of the all round security protection of the Sheikh”

However, it has been reported that sheikh Kirya offered to drop his bodyguard at Kireka police barracks as he drove home.

Since this year started a number of high profile murders have occurred in Kampala including a State Attorney Joan Kagezi who was shot dead on 30th March in Kiwatule, a Kampala suburb.

Before Sheikh Kirya, another top Muslim cleric Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga was murdered in December last year.

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