Raped & Murdered; Mystery Still Surrounds Death of Makerere Student

It came to light yesterday that Desire Mirembe, a first year Makerere University student pursuing a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Language and Speech therapy was raped and murdered in Jinja by yet to be identified goons.

desire mirembe
Gone too soon; Desire Mirembe

Her remains were discovered on Tuesday afternoon at around 3:50pm at a morgue in Kawolo, Lugazi Mukono district.

The first version of story tracing her last journey is that on Friday left for Jinja to attend the famous Phaneroo fellowship.

Like any other normal student who loves the to praise and fellowship religiously, she was excited.

Her WhatsApp status really said a lot. Desire was over the moon to go to Jinja to spread the word of God.

Little did she know that she would come back home lifeless.Friday, she left for Jinja to attend the famous Phaneroo fellowship.

Like any other normal student who loves to praise and fellowship religiously, she was excited.

However, Red Pepper has learnt that there is no Phaneroo gathering in Jinja.

Phaneroo is a life changing Christian ministry by Apostle Grace Lubega.

Phaneroo organizes a fellowship every Thursday at MTN Arena Lugogo from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

A source at Phaneroo told Red Pepper that Desire is not known as a preacher.

“I am still asking around to know if she attends Phaneroo because she is not known. She is not a preacher.” Adding; “I have never seen her. I tried to ask friends a Phaneroo but no one knows her yet.”

When pressed whether Phaneroo organizes fellowship in Jinja, she referred us to ask more resourceful. Phaneroo is yet to reply our text message.

Makerere faults Police on incessant death of students

“I strongly demand that Police and other stakeholders in the country’s security sector leave no stone unturned as they make full-scale investigations to bring to book the culprit(s) behind this heinous crime. May Desire Mirembe’s soul rest in eternal peace,” Bala David Bwiruka, Makerere University Guild President said yesterday.

“Since 2014, over 20 female students mainly from Makerere University and MUBS have been raped and killed. When you follow up the raping and dumping of the bodies of the late ‘raped’ sisters, usually the places are the same…

The only thing they (Police) focus on is to man handle, teargas, paper spray, cane, and shoot, the opposition leaders, the police mainly aims at keeping Kaguta in power, the government continues to buy ammunitions, to terrorize opposition leaders,” a visibly irritated Katumba Salim, a former Member of  the University Guild Representative Council said.

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