Security Pins Weak Shilling On Mbabazi

The National Security Committee (NSC) has been alarmed to establish that fired Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and some NGOs have allegedly hatched a deadly plan to weaken the Ugandan Shilling.

Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

The NSC claims that Mbabazi uses not less than shs50m per day to facilitate his campaigns.

We have exclusively confirmed from our top security sources that the president is actually considering summoning the NSC for a detailed meeting aimed at countering this plan.

Part of the plan is to speed up the passing of the NGO amendment bill with a view of curtailing funding of these NGOs.

The same Museveni wants no further registration of NGOs in addition to vetting all those existing ones mainly those in the north.

We were told that NGOs have now become cash conduits for anti-Museveni forces to the extent that during the recent NRM fresh registration, some NGOs allegedly sabotaged the process by holding workshops in places where registration was taking place hence attracting NRM fans to those meetings than registration.

In the plan according to our insiders, Mbabazi and his plotters have resolved that weakening the shilling is one of the surest ways to cause a regime change in this country as people will be forced to reject president Museveni’s rule in 2016.

In the plan according to sources, the determined Mbabazi has resorted to buying more dollars from the market in preparation for 2016.

By that time, according to sources it is expected that the shilling will be weaker and weaker and yet those with dollars will be a few individuals compared to those with sacks of shillings.

“When the shilling floods the market with a few dollars, this means the inflation will be higher. The plan is to make the shilling weaker and by the time of elections, the inflation is going to be at 54%, higher than that of 2011 which was at 27%,” the sources stated.

According to the NSC sources, the current failure in the performance of the Ugandan shilling is as a result of this new strategy by Mbabazi and some politically influenced NGOs.

The sources told us that in addition to hatching this plan, Mbabazi has reportedly also relocated his financial stores to different regions of the country.

This decision came following an abrupt recent search in his office by security agencies.

As such, Mbabazi allegedly went back home last week started unbundling his campaign perk to relocate it to other areas.

The move is aimed at beating security from blocking his cash flow to the regions.

“He knows that when he is going to those places, security might intercept his money. He has now resorted to relocating it to different areas so that by the time security goes to conduct searches at his home, he will be safe. He also wants to avoid a situation where his meetings are failed due to lack of facilitation.” sources stated.

The sources told us that NSC came to know about the Mbabazi money after security searched Mbabazi’s house in Kololo for guns.

This operation was handled by Brig. Leopold Kyanda.

Sources in NSC told us that the Kyanda’s group was shocked when they founds large bundles of dollars being stored in Mbabazi’s ceiling.

The soldiers didn’t act on these dollars as their instructions were restricted to only weapons under Mbabazi’s home.

The NSC comprises minister for internal affairs Aronda Nyakairima, security Karooro Okurut, Defense Kiyonga and heads of spy agencies including ISO, ESO, CMI and Police.

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